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Family Owned

My wife, Olga, and I (Jason) started Pull Up a Couch as a side hustle in 2022, but after being laid off from my tech job in April 2023, we decided to jump in full time and build the business.

Since then, we have been selling dozens of high quality couches every month to our happy and thankful customers.

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Our Process

We start with quality couches from top brands that are typically two to five years old, carefully selected based on condition. Then undergo a detailed cleaning, minor repairs, and a cushion makeover.

Deep Cleaned

Cleaned and Sanitized

Every couch undergoes a 7-step cleaning process. First we remove all the covers and wash them, make any minor repairs, vacuum deep down, extract and sanitize with organic cleaning detergents and extract with 210 degree hot water, refresh the cushion stuffing, de-lint the fabric, and air dry.

Home Delivery

Fully Delivered & Assembled

Take a load off and let us handle the heavy lifting as we arrange your new couch in any room you desire. We provide a full-service delivery experience with a touch of elegance. Delivery is always free within 10 miles of our warehouse in Holliston, MA.

Upcycled Recycled

Sell or Recycle your Couch

Depending on the age and condition of your couch, we can either help you say goodbye to it or give it a second life through proper recycling. (No need to couch it, we've got your back!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver? Where?

Yes, we deliver couches all over New England, USA including Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. It's free delivery within 10 miles of our warehouse in Holliston, MA. The farther you are from our warehouse, the more it will cost, but we have no problem getting the couch to you.

Where do you get your couches?

We source our couches from multiple places. Individuals who are ready for an upgrade, a style change, or just a fresh vibe sell us their couches. Additionally, we've established numerous relationships throughout New England that supply us with brand new couches on a weekly basis.

We also have brand new couches that we purchase through wholesalers.

Are your couches clean?

Yes, we deep clean every couch we buy. Some need more cleaning than others, which is the nature of pre-owned couches, but our cleaning technicans use the best organic detergents, cleaning equipment, and process. Nearly all of the couches we sell end up leaving our warehouse in "Like-New" condition.

Can you remove my old couch?

Yes, depending on the age and condition of your couch, we an either buy it, take it, or help you with junk removal to properly dispose of it. Let us know what you have and we can tell you what path we can take.

Can I see the couch before I buy it?

Absolutely. We have a warehouse in Hollison, MA, and you can make an appointment to come see any couch you'd like before making your final decision.

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Do you sell other furniture?

We primarily sell couches, sectionals, and sleepers, however, from time to time we do get dining tables, recliners, and other types of tables. Maybe in the future we can consider other items, but we stay pretty busy just providing the best quality pre-owned couches you can find in New England.